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10 June 2008 @ 03:28 pm
Let's talk about Venezuela...  
How does it help the workers movement to have a bourgeois state that promotes "workers self-management" How does it harm the movement?
Is the P.S.U.V. something revolutionaries should take part in or condemn outright? Is it reformist to the core with no hope of salvage or it is the nucleus of a new revolutionary party?
Is Chavez a temporary ally of the proletariat or the same old liberal bourgeois enacting Keynesian economics to stem the tide of social unrest?
Is there a revolution taking place in Venezuela or not? What is the appropriate response to all of this from revolutionaries in other nations?
If there is nothing to gain from "Bolivarianism" what instead is the correct course for the obviously roused and inspired Venezuelan masses?


Venezuela Advances Project for “Socialist” Factories
June 10th 2008, by Chris Carlson

June 9, 2008Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced on Sunday that his government continues to advance in its project to build a socialist economy. During his weekly talk show Aló Presidente, the Venezuelan president gave the details on several of the more than 200 socialist factories being installed around the country and assured that these new industries are a fundamental part of the country’s economic recovery.

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