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trotskyism's Journal

Trotskyism after Trotsky: Practical applications.
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This is a forum for Trotskyists and those interested in Leon Trotsky, his works/ideas, modern Trotskyist movements, history of Troskyism and how we can apply the ideas of Marx/Lenin/Trotsky and the Bolsheviks to movements today.

This forum is not for Trot-Bashing or Red Baiting, there are other forums that exist for that if you really need to. If you post/comment just to stir up trouble you will be warned and then banned. Like i said, this is a forum for Trotskyists to discuss Trotskyism and practical application today. Im sure we will have plenty of infighting to deal with without the invasion of trot bashers.

Feel free to come and criticize, question and debate, but do so respectfully and with political arguments.